A globally recognised mark signifying your professional Supply Chain management skills
The Chartered Supply Chain Professional is the Zenith designation for SCM professionals. While it hails from the UK and Canada, Poland, it is available in other countries also. This designation signifies that you are a professional organizer and leader, and that you are committed to management best practice and ethical standards. By taking up this designation, you are gaining a certification that you are currently practicing these management skills.

An opportunity to reflect on your achievements and capabilities

The assessment for Chartered Supply Chain Professional is highly reflective, and is in itself a magnificent opportunity to learn about yourself, to challenge your own perceptions of your leadership achievements, and validate your ethical approach to management. It requires you to examine the way you have led people in your team, and how you have contributed to positive change in the workplace. If you have never undertaken an exercise in this kind of self reflection, then you have missed out on a major piece of the puzzle to becoming a better professional.

Ongoing professional development and learning

Chartered Supply Chain Professional commit to ongoing professional development, and this should be important to you, because without ongoing development, your skills are stagnating and gradually becoming outmoded and stale. The process of being assessed for the status kick-starts the planning for your ongoing learning, and this means that your learning will be relevant to where you are up to in your leadership journey.

The opportunity to punch above your weight in bigger jobs

As Chartered Supply Chain Professional status becomes more widespread and well-known, it is going to start opening doors for you. There is no doubt that Chartered status in other fields has become an essential part of those industries and jobs, and management is no different. Employers who will value this status in their leaders are going to be employers of choice. But more than that, these employers are going to have the jobs and opportunities of choice for Chartered Supply Chain Professional .

Job satisfaction of building and leading great teams

there is nothing more professionally satisfying than being a part of a great team that produces great results – except building that team yourself. The mission of Chartered Supply Chain Professional is to build great teams of future leaders, and to lead teams to be at the top of their game. By seeking out Chartered Supply Chain Professional status, you are intentionally deciding to be the best version of yourself, and be the best leader you can be. When you have that intention, you are not going to sit on the sidelines – you are going to get into the game and invest in your people, and this is the stuff great teams and workplaces are made of!


Be The part of the Voice for Supply Chain Professionals

Supply Chain Professionals as a chartered group of professionals is form of collective bargaining for SCM professionals. By being a part of Supply Chain zenith body of professionals you will be the voice to gain professionals benefits from employers, governments and other stakeholders.