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fellow of Chartered supply chain professionals FCSCP

Master of Chartered Supply chain professioanl MCSCP

Chartered supply chain professional specialists CSCPS

Chartered supply chain professional Expert CSCPE

Chartered supply chain professional Practitioner CSCPP

Affiliate of Chartered supply chain professional ACSCP

About Us

Chartered Supply Chain Professional’ designation is an International Supply Chain Chartered Designation, that supports a supply chain professional’s level of competence backed by legal framework of Poland, Canada and Bangladesh. In Poland licensed under voivodeship legislations, In Canada, Chartered Supply Chain Professionals’ organization is licensed under provincial legislations and In Bangladesh registered and operated under ministry of commerce. Offers Chartered Membership different designations: CSCPP™, ACSCP™, CSCPE™, CSCPS™, MCSCP™, FCSCP™

Get Globally recognized Chartered Supply Chain Professional designation

Chartered Supply Chain Professionals’ organization is Government Approved, in respective zone of operative countries, having collaboration with Similar organization from USA, Canada, EU countries to promote, develop supply chain profession in the world.
A chartership is a formal qualification, incorporated in legal framework, awarded to a person in recognition of a particular level of competence in their professional field. It is awarded by the person’s relevant professional body/organization.

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